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Matt Farrington

Juno Lawyer & Legal Technologist

LLB (Hons), LLM


I believe in the power of technology to effect positive changes in legal practices. I am experienced in the legal knowledge cycle (records, document and knowledge management), client relationship management, and legal practice management systems. I design and implement systems to help lawyers be more effective. My legal practice includes ICT contracting, data protection and freedom of information, financial regulation, and derivatives, securities and other financial instruments.

I am a keen participant in NewLaw trends, including alternative service models, alternative legal sourcing, new technologies and the impacts and opportunities arising from these trends.

Before Juno
New Zealand Transport Agency | Senior Legal Counsel and Practice Manager 
Buddle Findlay | Senior Associate 
Partners Group (UK) | Lawyer 
Companies Office, Ministry of Economic Development | Lawyer and Policy Analyst 

Areas of Expertise

  • ICT/TMT law
  • Data protection/Freedom of information/Privacy
  • Open data 
  • Software and data licensing
  • Corporate and commercial (especially contracting) 
  • Financial regulation
  • Occupational regulation 
  • Securities and derivatives

A closely-held Companies Act for New Zealand (2007) 38 VUWLR 543.
New Zealand Securities Law Update, ALB, December 2011.
You can read my thoughts on the intersection of law and technology at www.newlaw.nz.  

Miramar Rangers AFC

What Matt Farrington's clients say

  • Airways | Juno Legal

    When Airways had a lawyer go on parental leave, Matt came in to help: We are so grateful to have someone of Matt’s calibre providing parental leave cover.  He’s full of fresh ideas for ways to enhance our systems and his creativity, knowledge, pragmatism and obvious personal enthusiasm for all things “tech” mean he brings real wisdom and perspective to our ICT contracting (and other commercial contracting) work. I had approached Juno looking for someone to help us maintain status quo during a team member’s absence, but I got someone who enhanced our operations.

    Helen Cruse

    General Counsel, Airways

  • NZME | Juno Legal

    Matt has been such an asset to the team in this time of transition and I would love to keep using him when we require additional capacity from time to time if that works. Thanks to Matt, you and Juno for helping us out. It has all worked really well from my perspective.

    Allison Whitney

    General Counsel, NZME

  • Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency

    Matt's deep understanding of the drivers of an in-house team, and the needs (and wants!) of its lawyers, was instrumental in the successful implementation of new systems. Matt was a delight to work with through-out - knowledgeable, proactive, efficient among many qualities - with an ability to understand both the legal and the 'techie' perspectives (our IT people are still gutted that he's gone) and translate that into a fit for purpose solution for our team. I can thorough recommend Matt to anyone who wants to improve their systems and processes.

    Dave Whiteridge

    Former Chief Legal Counsel, Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency

  • Victoria University | Juno Legal

    Matt’s role in the team was to assist with our legal operations function and, in particular, to assist with the development of matter management and contract automation tools. Matt ran two hackathons covering both tools involving a number of key stakeholders across the University (including members of the legal team, IT team, and key customers for the tools). These were well run – reflecting Matt’s significant expertise in these areas – and he successfully managed to translate complex IT concepts into language the lawyers could understand and translate legal concepts into language the IT experts could understand! The Hackathons were invaluable to progressing the two projects and we have made significant progress based on the discussion and decisions made.

    Simon Johnson

    General Counsel, Victoria University of Wellington

  • NZ Post | Juno Legal

    Matt combines a light touch with extensive IT knowledge and his own experience as a lawyer. His suggestion to include an IT person for the whole session was genius. The session took us through a clear decision-making process, so we could all buy-in to a new way of working. His detailed report provides useful guidance for the future development of our system. He was easy to work with and very receptive to both the technological and legal imperatives of our business. We left the session enthused and hopeful for the future. That platform has served us well in implementing the new system and given us impetus to continue the journey.

    NZ Post legal team

    Hackathon, NZ Post

  • Smashed Avo

    Engaging Matt was the best decision that our young start-up has made to date. He understands what we are trying to achieve and was fantastic in giving practical as well as legal advice. There is no doubt that if we require further assistance, we will give Matt a call in the first instance.

    Dean Roscherr

    , Smashed Avo

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