1. These terms cover the work we do for you now and in the future. If we change our terms, we’ll let you know and send you a fresh copy.

  2. If anything in these terms is not clear, please get in touch with us and we can talk you through them.

  3. For fixed term or project work, we will agree a written scope of work and a price for that work upfront or at least for the work we are able to scope upfront. We promise there will be no surprises in our bills. If the assignment is an ongoing one, we will provide certainty of how much this will cost you on a fixed capacity basis. We will keep you updated on our progress and any delays or proposed changes.

  4. Our services are subject to GST at the usual rate.

  5. We will send you invoices each month (or at the end of project stages) and ask that you pay them by the 14th day following the date of the invoice. If your account is overdue we may charge interest at the overdraft rate that our bank charges us for the period that the invoice is outstanding. We may also recover any costs we incur (including on a solicitor/client basis) in seeking to recover the amounts from you including collection agency fees and our fees.

  6. We do not operate a trust account.

  7. We will hold the information we gain about you and your organisation in confidence. We will not disclose this to any other person outside our firm unless agreed by you, as required to carry out your instructions, to protect us in event of a dispute or to the extent required by law. 

  8. As we do not provide private client services, the personal information we collect and hold is limited. We will only use personal information, such as your name and contact details, to carry out the services and to make contact with you about other services we wish to offer you. We will not disclose this information to third parties except as required by law or with your written consent. For a fuller explanation of our approach to your personal information, please see the Juno Privacy Policy on our website.

  9. Where we provide you with advisory and consulting services, we will keep a secure electronic record of all work that we create for you (which may include material we receive from you) for a period of seven years.

  10. For embedded legal resourcing services, our lawyers will use your networks and any information we receive from you and any work we create for you will be held only for the term of the project or engagement. We will delete all material that contains your confidential information at the end of the project or engagement and we will not keep copies of this material unless you request in writing that we do so.

  11. We will protect and promote your interests over those of a third party and will identify and manage any conflict of interest as set out in the Lawyers and Conveyancers Act (Conduct and Client Care) Rules 2008. 

  12. Our duty of care is to you and not to any other person.

  13. As you benefit from our lean model, our aggregate liability to you is limited to the sum of the fees paid to us by you, whether in contract, tort or other grounds, to the extent allowed by law. We carry professional indemnity insurance that meets the standards set by the New Zealand Law Society.

  14. You may terminate our arrangement in accordance with the agreed commercial terms for the project or engagement. We may terminate our arrangement if we discover a conflict of interest, for non-payment of fees or if we consider any Juno staff involved in carrying out your work have been subjected to unacceptable behaviour by a member of your staff, at our entire discretion. If our arrangement is terminated, you must pay all outstanding amounts owing at the date of termination.

  15. Our lawyers are our valued employees so you may not solicit them to work for you on an ongoing basis outside of our agreed engagement or project. Please talk to us first if you wish to make a permanent offer of employment. We want our lawyers to be happy and if they wish to join your business, we are open to coming to an amicable arrangement with you that reflects the interests of all parties.

  16. We want you to be delighted with the service you receive from us and we welcome all feedback, good and bad. Please contact Juno Director Helen Mackay with any compliments, concerns or complaints. If you are not satisfied with our response to your feedback, you may contact the NZLS complaints service at [email protected].

  17. The laws of New Zealand apply to our relationship and the New Zealand courts have non-exclusive jurisdiction.