Kyla Jeanjaquet

Dip Health and Wellbeing (DRT strand)

Juno HQ Co-ordinator | EA to Director


Kyla Jeanjaquet | Juno Legal | HQ Coordinator | HQ


From my previous experience, working as a Certified Diversional and Recreational Therapist, I am able to contribute my plethora of skills within the Juno team most especially, the interpersonal skills I possess that are beneficial to support the team in delivering an efficient system through my role as HQ Coordinator.

As someone who thrives on providing support, I naturally extend a helping hand whenever possible. This is reflected in my role as Executive Assistant to the Juno Director. By utilising my keen attention to detail, organisational skills, and problem-solving abilities, I ensure that the Juno Director receives comprehensive support in her daily tasks and goals.

These two roles complement each other to maintain daily operations smoothly at Juno.

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