Nikki is a passionate yogi, having practiced for 25 years and trained as a yoga teacher.

Yoga has been instrumental in supporting Nikki’s career in law.  In the book, she discusses how yoga has helped her deal with the physical discomfort of sedentary work, the stresses of legal practice and even to overcome the effects of imposter syndrome – a phenomena so prevalent among lawyers.

She also explains how a regular meditation practice helps her focus and concentrate, find calmness, clarity and ease amidst a heavy workload and to build confidence and contentment.

Currently available as an e-book on Amazon, Nikki’s book has already attracted 5 star reviews. The e-book can be downloaded to Kindle or, with the free Kindle app, to any other digital device - iPad, computer or phone. 

A print version of the book is also in the making but for anyone interested in seeing Nikki’s e-book, it’s available on – just search for ‘Nikki Fisher’ and look for this book cover. The book is described on Amazon as follows:

What single factor determines every aspect of how we live and every relationship we have?

This provocative question is at the core of this raw and powerful book ‘Yoga: A Path to Self-love’. How much or how little we love ourselves ultimately determines the quality and richness of our lives.  This book explores how the practices of yoga and mindfulness help us develop a deep and unconditional love for ourselves.  

The breakdown of her marriage, and a transformative experience on her yoga mat, led Nikki to explore the true healing power of yoga.  Having practised yoga for almost 25 years, Nikki shares what she has learned from her own journey with candid openness and wisdom.  By drawing on personal experiences and the ancient teachings of yoga, Nikki shows us:

  • What authentic self-love really means and what often blocks us from achieving it
  • Easy techniques we can use straight away to increase our feelings of love and self-worth
  • Why cultivating awareness through mindful practices like meditation is crucial to fostering authentic self-love
  • How the physical yoga practice can lead to a deeper connection to self
  • What the other limbs of yoga offer us on our path towards genuine self-love
  • Why letting go of past hurts is key to loving ourselves wholeheartedly
  • How forgiveness and perspective can lead to a happier life

No matter where you are on your yoga journey, this book shows us what’s possible when we can forgive ourselves and others, tap into our own innate wisdom and support ourselves with kindness, compassion and love.