Historically risk has often been seen as a pain point: operationally focussed, overly detailed and process driven with a resulting low level of engagement with Executive teams and Boards of Directors. In this session, we will look at re-positioning perceptions of risk management. This includes using risk management as a tool to help prioritise and gain consensus on where risk should (and shouldn’t) be taken in the pursuit of strategy and opportunities, and building a strong risk culture across the organisation. 

It will look at how areas of risk, such as legal and regulatory risks, can sit within a broader enterprise risk management approach that is strongly linked to strategy. We will also touch on new concepts, such as risk interconnectivity, that can substantially change our traditional view of which risks are most important to be focussed upon.

Learning outcomes

  • Opportunities to re-position risk management alongside strategy to drive stronger levels of engagement
  • Gain an understanding of key risk concepts such as risk appetite and risk culture
  • Becoming aware of new and emerging risk concepts and how they can be applied to your organisation