What most attracted you to the Juno model?

It was the variety of work offered by the Juno model that was most attractive to me. Some people don’t like change but I have never felt that way and I enjoy the new challenges that change offers. The Juno model enables me to work in one industry for a set period time and then move to a completely different business after that. I am always learning and understanding how people work in their different roles and I am able to adapt my own skills to best support the variety of clients.

What has been the biggest challenge in your Juno engagements?

The biggest challenge is probably the juggle required when I am working for more than one client. In private practice, you deal with multiple clients all the time, but in-house is a different beast. You are not an external adviser but rather you become enmeshed in the business and being intrinsically involved in more than one business at the same time can have its challenges.

Can you tell us about the range of work you have encountered while at Juno? Are you currently working as a “rocket scientist”?

Haha. Not quite. Although, as part of my work with the Research and Innovation team at the University of Canterbury, I did provide some assistance on a research project for the development of a sensor to detect spacecraft in cislunar space! Unfortunately, I understood very little of the science side of it but it was a fascinating project in which I could play a very small part. The academics and students at UC are doing some incredibly interesting and inspiring work over a huge range of research areas.

I have been lucky enough to experience an extremely diverse range of work during my time at Juno in many different industries including tourism, telecommunications, mainstream and digital media and air traffic services.

What do you feel contributes to a great Juno client engagement for you and for the Client?

To me, it’s all about relationships. If I can really get to know the people in the business and how they contribute to its success, then I can understand how best to add value and assist them. I always enjoy meeting new people and Juno gives me the chance to not only meet new people but to form strong relationships with them and to learn from them so that I can help them in the most efficient and effective way possible.