What most attracted you to the flexible work model that Juno offers? 

I enjoy adding value to different in-house legal teams, not just through legal advice but also through systems development/automation. I also want to be present with my young family and have the time and energy to explore other projects. Juno’s flexible model supports and encourages this balance.  

What have you found to be the biggest challenge in your Juno engagements and how did you tackle it? 

The biggest challenge applies to all engagements, it is the speed at which you need to learn new systems and internal workings so that you can immediately provide value-add legal services. When I get into a new engagement, I like to ask lots of targeted questions. The goal of those questions is to quickly filter information, get a clear understanding of the best resources (both documents and contacts) and get a feel for the way everyone likes to work.  

What is the one piece of technology (either current or yet to be created) that would make your day job easier? 

A few companies overseas are trialing contract negotiation bots to create and negotiate simple agreements. I think that with the right parameters and sound precedents, these bots could be an immensely powerful business enabling tool which will free up time for busy in-house legal teams to focus on value-add legal work.  

What do you feel contributes to a great Juno client engagement for you and for the client? 

A positive attitude, excellent communication and proactively getting to know the business and the people in it. Adaptability is also important. Each engagement is different, and you need to embrace that difference and become part of the team.