Some salient points we gained were:

  • Purpose is so important as it provides meaning in our lives which promotes health and builds resilience.
  • Ikigai – Japanese word for 'our reason for being'.
  • Your purpose is more than just your job and your passions; it is a holistic view of all aspects of your life, the rudder which helps you to navigate your way.  
  • Some key questions to ask to discover your purpose: What are your unique gifts and talents? What is it that you love? How can you use that to be of service to others?
  • Your passion + Your unique gifts and talents + Serving others = Your purpose.
  • Juno Lawyers shared how understanding their purpose didn’t mean radically changing their vocation but doing things in addition to it to serve others and connect with nature and their community.

Watch the full webinar recording HERE. Get ready to take notes as you consider the thought-provoking questions.