FAQs and answers from the people who know us best, our Juno Lawyers

  • What first attracted you to considering joining Juno?

    “I had read about Juno's flexibility and that they had a true understanding about work/life balance! That too, is important to them.  I really wanted to feel more balanced and to feel greater job satisfaction.”

    “Flexibility and variety - probably the two biggest features for me at that time and instrumental in my decision to join Juno.”

    “The flexibility of the model Juno offers is what attracted me, and the strong reputation of Juno and Helen is why I chose Juno over other providers of similar services.”

  • Why join Juno?

    “Flexibility in a role, both in hours and not feeling ‘locked in’ to a particular position.”

    “The freedom to choose when I want to work, and the balance that provides. Also, the variety of the roles.”

    “Independence. Flexible working. Autonomy.”

    “Freedom. Master of my own domain." 

  • What gave you the courage to take the leap of faith and become a Juno lawyer?

    “It suits me perfectly as I don’t want to work on a permanent basis, and don’t mind time off between engagements, but do want varied and interesting experiences.”

    “It was certainly a little scary to begin with, but I trusted my inner voice that it would all work out and would be okay! I have never been like that - always planning and having a great plan b and c - but I guess after reassessing my priorities last year and really believing in Juno's way of working and doing 'legal differently'."

    “Helen’s positive attitude and the belief that she was trying to make change in an industry I contemplated leaving.”

    “I was already in the “gig” economy having left my corporate job over 18 months prior. Juno is actually more stable for income than what I did before!”

  • As a Juno Lawyer now what advice would you give to someone thinking of joining Juno?

    “Go for it.”

    “Think about what you are really looking for and whether you are prepared for a degree of uncertainty and to be flexible yourself.”

    “Do it!!”

    “If you want to take back time, Juno is the place for you.”

    “It's a great opportunity to do legal work, provide value, while also being flexible in how you work. It's varied and interesting.”

    “Work cannot always be guaranteed, so if you need that it may not be for you. However, if that way of working and income set up can work for you - then it's an incredible option if you want to be around other like-minded and very able in-house lawyers, and be exposed to a variety of interesting and exciting work and clients.”

    “To do it if they're ok with change and uncertainty. I think it's helpful to have an adaptable nature and a good aptitude with people if Juno is the path you want to take, and the upsides are worth it.”

    "Think of Juno as a lifestyle choice – do the work you enjoy and also have a life! Being a Juno Lawyer is not a stop-gap while you are looking for a permanent job, it’s it's a fulfilling career path that offers flexibility and autonomy.”

  • What is the most rewarding part about being a Juno lawyer?

    “Wonderful being part of such a forward-thinking group and fascinating talented interesting people.”

    “The variety of the work and freedoms of choice.”

    “Being known and seen as a professional trouble shooter that can parachute into any organisation and help resolve their issues.”

    “Being part of a team that is showing others that there are other ways to be a lawyer in a broken industry.”

    “Two things: the quality of the engagements and the people. I had not realised Helen genuinely wanted to build a law firm not just a body shop.”

    “The variation - working in different industries, meeting new people and ongoing learning as a consequence.”

  • If you work on a client’s site the majority of the time, what makes you feel that you’re part of the Juno Legal team as well as your client’s team?

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